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Customer Accounts hacked through Samsung website

Several Sprint customers were recently informed that their accounts were hacked through the Samsung website. Media reports state that Sprint sent mail to many affected customers informing that their account had been breached. The letter says that on June 22 this year, the company, while conducting its routine check found that the accounts were hacked using ‘add a line’ website.

With this, the hackers might have access to several important information regarding customers such as Device type, Device ID, Phone No, Monthly recurring charges, Subscription ID, Account creation Date, Billing address, first and last name, add-on services among others.

A Sprint spokesperson confirmed the incident regarding the breach and said that hackers could not compromise Social Security No and Credit Cards as they were encrypted. Samsung Security team detected many fraud attempts were made to hack the Sprint accounts. It used Sprint login credentials that were not obtained through Samsung.

The letter also stated that the customers are not at any substantial risk of facing any identity theft or any such crisis. The accounts had been reset again on June 25 so that the affected customers could log in again to secure their accounts.

A Sprint official while talking to media stated that Sprint takes all its matters involving the customers seriously. It took precautionary measures to secure the accounts and sent letters to every customer individually, reminding them of their privacy. They have been told to update their PINs, and the company has established a dedicated care team for the assistance of account holders. However, the company refused to divulge this fact regarding the number of accounts being affected when the breach took place.

During early 2019, another customer breach had taken place where information was compromised similarly. The involved hacker had used PINs and phone numbers when this incident took place.

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