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New material is developed by scientists to create Habitable Areas on Mars

After scientists discovered all the different kinds of thing that they can do on Mars – the story keeps on developing day after day.

This time, scientists have developed a new material which can create habitable areas on Mars… yes, you heard that right!

As we all know that Mars’ surface is far too cold for a human to survive in the given scenario. A note for humanity is concerned, they have eventually found out new ways for mankind to start warming things up at the planet Mars.

Now the big question that pops out in our mind – how is that even possible?

So, a new proposal has been called out by the Scientists where they are using a new type of an insulating material which is called as the silica aerogel which will make parts of the Martian surface for better plant life.

The ice caps on the Martian planet will be easily melted with the help of an aerogel blanket in small sections. This could help the planet to grow a habitable plant growth.

In a previous study, the officials had quoted that humans are quite good at heating up planets. The mission has been made possible for the humans with the help of the greenhouse effect in which material helps to absorb sunlight and later reradiates it trying to keep the area below to warm up likewise.

As hard as it sounds, it’s is quite not possible to warm up the entire planet as the results have already shown that there is not enough carbon dioxide on planet Mars to terraform it with today’s technology.

Keeping this concept in mind, the researchers tried focusing on how they can try and heat small parts of the surface with as little effort as possible.

As easy as this sounds, it’s quite hard to cope up with the planet Martian as it’s also dangerous for trying to maintain the environment like Earth.

Trying to go on with a bigger concept, it’s not acceptable so the project, of course, needs to lead on with a smaller size project so that the nature of the whole testing would be found and it will also allow researchers to perform all their experiments with a potential benefit of their own.

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